Heather Silva- Religious Trauma Expert

Hi! I’m Heather Silva-

Religious trauma expert

Church Mess

You Up?

Let's Heal Your Religious and Sexual Trauma so You Can Be Fearless In Who You Are, Enjoy Sex, and Create Your Own Spiritual Path

Currently interviewing potential new clients.

Hi! I’m
Heather Silva-

trauma expert

Church Mess You Up?

Let's Heal Your Religious and Sexual Trauma so You Can Be Fearless In Who You Are, Enjoy Sex, and Create Your Own Spiritual Path

Currently interviewing potential new clients.

Is This You?

  • Have you given all your power away to the church and its beliefs?
  • Do you have trouble trusting your own decision-making?
  • Do you need outside validation?
  • Do you feel betrayed by the people you trusted most?
  • Are you a people pleaser and have a hard time setting healthy boundaries?
  • Do you feel lost spiritually?
  • Have you been sexually abused?
  • Were you in the Purity Culture?
  • Do you struggle with having healthy sexual experiences?
  • Have you been pretending to be someone you’re not?


Thinking for yourself and following your own path can be hard and the consequences can be profound from the people who want to pull you back in and control your very existence. It takes bravery to break free and heal your trauma. I’ve done it. Let me help you.

Been There, Done That

I became an expert in Religious Trauma because of my own background. When I realized that no one out there could help me, I set out to solve it myself. That took me on a journey of self-discovery and professional training that has helped me put together an effective process that I now use to help others heal as a Religious Trauma Specialist. 

I soon learned by working with others that sexual trauma is often implicated and as a result have integrated this work seamlessly into my process. 

I now work exclusively with a small group of select clients who are dedicated to healing their religious and sexual trauma. I currently have a few spaces available for new clients. 

If you are interested in working with me, schedule a time for us to talk and determine whether it’s a good match. Learn more about me here.

What We Will Do Together

For most, the Christian label has been exchanged for a diagnosis. Survivors often see a therapist for a long time and join a deconstructing group that becomes their new religion. No one even talks about getting your personal power back. I believe this is because most don’t know that you can heal from this crap and leave it behind.

The church has taken away your ability to trust yourself, think clearly, make your own decisions, embrace your sexuality, enjoy sex, be a healthy person, and have healthy relationships. In a nutshell, they have stolen your true identity and rendered you powerless.  

Together, we will
  • Call your power back
  • Heal your trauma
  • Remove the stupid labels
  • Help you find your voice
  • Trust your intuition
  • Embrace your sexuality
  • Discover the spiritual path that is right for you

Our ultimate goal is for you to become powerful, confident, and fearless in who you are.

That is what The Silva 4-Part Diamond Methodology is all about. 

The Silva 4-Part Diamond Methodology


How would your life change if you had more clarity?
Part 1


How would your life change if you had more confidence?
Part 2


How would feel if you were more connected to your body and emotions? How would your life change if you had healthy relationships?
Part 3


How would your life change if you were free to choose the spiritual path that is right for you?
Part 4

Healing from Religious and Sexual Trauma is about getting your personal power back. It’s really that simple! 

But what does that mean? We have lost so much of our personal power to abusive leaders and toxic belief systems that it’s hard to imagine what life would be like if we did get our power back. Most think of deconstruction and reconstruction. Not even close! 

The Silva 4-Part Methodology is something completely different. When trying to find ” the word” to describe it and the results you’ll get, the closest was transformation. But transformation is so overpromised and under-delivered, that people don’t believe it. That includes me! And it’s not quite right. So how can I best describe the methodology and results you get? Transmutation is the closest definition and the word I keep going back to, so it is! 

It’s the methodology that turns trauma and its effects into clarity, confidence, healthy connection, and consciousness. The Silva 4-Part Diamond Methodology will flip turn your life upside down in the best possible way. 

Part 1


When you are clear, life is clear. You have more energy mentally and physically. You are able to easily make decisions and feel good about it. Better decisions help you create the life and experiences you desire. Having clarity empowers you to set healthy boundaries. Clear thoughts create clear responses to the ups and downs of life. 


When you’re confident, you trust yourself and the choices you make. You make healthier choices because you see how valuable you are. You have healthier relationships, on the job and in your personal life. Confident people have a positive mindset and healthy self-esteem. When you are confident, you are able to handle everyday stress with grace and ease. 

Part 2

Part 3


Being connected to your emotions and physical body is so important. When you are connected, you process emotions in a healthy way and listen to your body when it needs something. 

When you have healthy connections with people, you are happier and have more energy. Spend time with people who love you just as you are. Healthy connections improve your state of health and longevity. 


Know yourself; your strengths, and your limitations. It’s about managing your personal power.  You are able to think logically about your experiences and respond rather than react. It’s about mindfulness and connection to yourself and healthy people. It’s about knowing and following your life purpose and the spiritual path right for you if any. 

Part 4

Here's what working with me looks like

Step 1 –  Fill out your intake form and schedule a conversation with me. This saves us valuable time and gets the ball rolling.

During our initial conversation, we decide if we are a good match and determine which package best meets your needs. 

Step 2–  Based on the information you’ve provided and the package chosen, I put together a personalized protocol designed just for you. 

Step 3–   We get to work. This typically involves a weekly private session on Zoom,  access to me in between sessions, group support, and personal work. 

Step 4–  Reevaluation. Your initial protocol is not set in stone. It’s tailored to meet your unique needs. This means pivoting as you heal and grow.   

Step 5–  Now that you’ve gotten your power back and are fearless in who you are and living your best life, you have the option of ongoing support and touch-ups. 

If you have any questions that you feel need to be addressed before our initial conversation, please send me an email. I am happy to answer.

If You Do Nothing, It Never Gets Better

Most people have the erroneous belief that it’s not even possible to heal from religious trauma, let alone sexual trauma. So they live their whole life managing symptoms but never really getting better. They live a lesser version of themselves; always angry, always repeating the same unhealthy cycles, and never really moving on.

I’m here to tell you, that it’s BS! I know for sure that you can learn to trust your own decisions. You can carve out your own spiritual path. You can have healthy sexual experiences and relationships and you can leave the trauma behind. I know because I’ve done it and I’ve helped hundreds of others do it too.

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